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What Is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)?

The Steps To Help You Tap Away Your Negative Emotions And Thoughts

Emotional pain and stressors can lead to a life of anxiety and depression. Some people turn to prescribed antidepressants and other treatments like needle acupuncture to relieve stress and anxiety. There is another treatment you can do with your therapist or even at home to help relieve these stressors and it's called the Emotional Freedom Technique.

What is​ Emotional Freedom Technique​?

This treatment is a form of acupuncture that uses your fingertips instead of needles to stimulate energy points on your body.

What are the benefits of EFT?

EFT is used to treat a variety of stressors induced by emotional trauma such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, eating disorders...the list goes on. It’s a noninvasive and inexpensive way to heal emotionally. You can also pretty much do the technique anywhere. According to EFT advocates, tapping the fingertips restores the balance of energy to resolve physical and emotional issues.

How does EFT work?

Let’s break this down in a ​couple of steps.

Step 1: Acknowledge the Issue + Creating a Set Up Phrase

Start by identifying what the problem or fear is and accepting that it is an issue. Say​ ​“While I have this (insert fear here) about (insert an example of when this fear played out), I accept myself ."

Step 2: Create a Benchmark

On a scale of 1-10 how much emotional pain are you in right now. Write this down and keep measuring the pain after each round of EFT. This way you can monitor your progress.

Step 3: Tapping

Once you’ve identified your problem areas it’s time to ​tap on acupressure meridians to release those blockages.​ Now, it’s time to tap.

Start Here: Karate Chop (KC): ​small intestine meridian​- ​tap this area three times while saying your setup phrase 3 times.

Continue tapping the areas below 7 times while reciting your set up phrase

Eyebrow ​(EB): bladder meridian

Side of the Eye ​(SE): gallbladder meridian

Under the Eye ​(UE): stomach meridian

Under the Nose​ (UN): governing vessel

Chin ​(Ch): central vessel

Beginning of the collarbone ​(CB): kidney meridian

Under the Arm (UA): spleen meridian

Finish here​: ​Top of Head ​(TH): governing vessel

Once you’ve completed the cycle rate your fear intensity from 1-10. Then continue the cycle until that fear intensity is at a 0.

While EFT can be done at home, the technique can also be very beneficial with guided instruction from a license therapist. Remember, once you’ve achieved your desired emotional space, it’s important to maintain it. Eat well, drink water, speak positively about yourself, take time to rest, and surround yourself with people who are hyping you up, not tearing you down.

Looking to take on this journey with a mental health specialist? ​KQH Mental Health Counseling is​ here for you. Contact us today to get started on your healing journey.

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