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Maintaining Mental Health During The Summer Months

Helpful Tips For Bettering Yourself This Summer

Health and wellness are very important topics year-round, but when it comes to the summertime, we seem to pay even more attention to these topics. Gyms and diet plans aim to help you get that summer bodyand as the weather gets warmer, more outdoor activities become available. While working on your physical health, it’s also important to pay attention to your mental health as well.

Summertime can be a lot of fun and can get very busy. Vacations, work deadlines, taking care of kids that are home from school and everything in between could get overwhelming. Prioritizing your mental health during the summer can make a huge impact on your overall happiness and wellness.

Start The Day With Positive Affirmations

What’s the first move you make when you wake up in the morning? Before you grab that phone and start scrolling, try saying something good about yourself. According to a 2016 study on Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, one reason positive affirmations are successful is that they have the ability to broaden your perspective and reduce the effect of negative emotions.

Take time to write down a list of positive affirmations and leave them by your bedside. When you wake up in the morning speak these out loud, so you can hear yourself saying them. Phrases like “I can do this”, “I will have a great day”, and “I am beautiful”, will help you set a great mindset for a successful day.

Stop Comparing and Start Creating

“Wow! Look at the yacht Brenda and her husband took last week. I wish my life was like Brenda’s.” If you’ve found yourself scrolling on social media and saying something like this, it might be time to stop scrolling. Oftentimes we find ourselves comparing our lives to those of our online friends. We scroll on sites like Instagram and Facebook comparing their photos to our reality. We have to remember that vacations, weddings, gifts, and other experiences posted online are just highlight reels of someone’s life.

Online it may look like your friends have it all going on, but the arguments, financial struggles, and emotional turmoil that someone might be going through aren’t often posted online. Instead of spending time comparing yourself to someone else, take that time to create an experience that will benefit your life. If you want to take a trip, rather than dreaming about the trips and vacations your friends are taking, spend a little time researching a place that will fit into your time and budget.

Take Time Off

Women of color are mothers, caretakers, healers, warriors, and everything in between. We find ourselves taking care of everyone else, but sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. This summer, give yourself a break and take some time off. Whether that be time off from work or just have some “me” time away from family, take it. You might be thinking, there is no way I can take time off, but you can. You just have to make time to do so.

Take a task off of your plate that does not need much of your attention and replace it with doing something for yourself. Try taking a drive to a nearby resort and check-in for a weekend or for one night just to get a break. No time for a trip? Try working in a hobby or activity into the daily schedule that gives you little time to reset. Working out, eating healthier, drinking your water, meditation, and taking some time to relax can have a huge impact on your mental health this summer.

Looking for more tips on how to stay mentally healthy this summer? KQH Mental Health Counseling is here to help you out. Contact us today to get started on your summertime mental health journey.

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