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What is "FOMO" and How is it Affecting You?

Prioritizing your social life at your own pace

FOMO also known as “Fear of Missing Out” is a common occurrence among those who like to socialize. Those who experience FOMO may find themselves tossing aside other responsibilities or overspending money in order to not miss out on an event, vacation, dinner, or other experience. Yes, it’s great to enjoy life, but it’s also important to know that it’s ok to say "no" to your FOMO.

The Issues With FOMO

FOMO can lead to a variety of issues both mentally, and financially. One problem is spending more money than you have in your bank account. The living paycheck to paycheck lifestyle comes into play when you are spending more money than you are saving. Buying a new bag you can’t afford to impress your girls at work might get you some compliments, but will also put you in a financial hole.

Another problem with FOMO is the mental toll it takes. The need to always be accepted by a certain crowd can damage someone’s self-esteem, and mess up their priorities. The feeling of needing to always be present with a new vacation photo on social media, or having a pair of newly released sneakers can lead to mental stress if you aren’t able to afford or attain those items. Your happiness and confidence is now linked to physical items and "digital likes", instead of inner peace and self-worth.

Are you a Victim of FOMO?

If you have FOMO, it’s ok, you are not alone. There are plenty of ways to live a good life, have fun, and take control of your FOMO.

Slow Down - Life comes fast, people come fast, and opportunities come fast. Slow it down. Before buying tickets to the first vacation opportunity that pops up, or buying the latest handbag, take a minute to think about if it's worth it and if it's something you can afford.

Ask yourself is this item is a priority or if there is something else you could use your time and money on. Avoid impulse buying. Take a couple of days to think about it before making a decision.

Prioritize People over Labels - The quality of a person is not determined by the label on her clothes and shoes. Don’t get caught up in a crowd that only likes you because of where you swipe your card. Get with a crowd that values people, more than the brands they are wearing.

Know You're Worth - When you are confident and secure about who you are, you won’t need brand labels or people who only care about social status to confirm that. Having a hundred thousand followers and likes on social media showing off what you have and all the places and parties you've been, won’t cure self-esteem issues either. Hype yourself up and speak life into YOU.

Surround yourself with others who take pride in their beauty, brains, careers and experiences. Be confident in who you are as a woman and know that name brand labels don’t have a say in that.

Taking control of your FOMO is a mental battle just as much as it is a physical battle. Need some help to take control? Contact KQH Mental Health Counseling today to get started.

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