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How to Deal With Depression As a Black Woman

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

We Are No Longer Running Away From This issue.

Black women are raised to be strong and have thick skin because we have to. We come into this world working twice as hard for half as much. We are expected to be strong, handle everything that comes our way and never let anyone see us sweat.

Guess what, Black women get tired and yes, we get depressed too. It happens to everyone. Women of color oftentimes write off depression as a sign of weakness, ignore it, and power through it, but that has to change.

Depression can come from many areas in your life; work, relationships, and family can all be contributing factors. Taking care of your mental health is taking care of your physical health. “Women are at least twice as likely to experience an episode of major depression as men,” according to Erica Richards, chair and medical director of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health at Sibley Memorial Hospital. It’s time to combat the stigma and start getting involved in ways to heal.

Reach Out for Help

Depression is a battle that no one should face alone. If you are feeling down, ignoring the problem will only make it worse. Accept the fact that you are depressed and reach out to a loved one to talk about it.

Try a few therapeutic sessions with a mental health professional. Therapists are trained to help you navigate and combat the areas of your life that lead to depression. As a Black woman, it’s normal and healthy to reach out to a Black therapist. Just like seeing a doctor for your physical health, a therapist is a medical professional for your mental health.

Drink Water + Eat Healthy + Exercise

Did you know that what you are putting into your body plays a huge role in how you feel overall? Eating out every night, heavy drinking on the weekends, and not exercising can lead to a lot more than weight gain and bad skin. Your body is a temple and giving it the nutrients it deserves will make you feel good.

According to the Mayo Clinic exercise eases symptoms of depression by releasing endorphins (these are natural chemicals that make you feel good). Cutting out refined sugars (sodas, candy, dessert), simple carbs (white rice, white bread), and drinking more water will leave your body feeling good. Loving your body and treating it with kindness are great ways to start combating depression.

Stress Relief + Sleep

Take a deep breath, light a candle, turn on some jazz music, and get to bed a little earlier tonight. Fitting some time to relax into your schedule is so important when it comes to combating depression. Make a point to set some time in the week aside for “me time”. Also aim to go to bed earlier. Getting 8 hours of sleep each night will allow you to rest your body and your mind.

Need a little help dealing with depression? No one should have to deal with it alone. KQH Mental Health Counseling is here for you. Contact us today so we can help you put an end to your depression.

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