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Our Courses


At KQH we are dedicated to helping clients learn effective ways to manage their lives. These courses are designed to enhance your life, increase independence, promote self-love, and encourage self-awareness. 

Clingy No More

Codependency Recovery Workshop

Codependency is a specific relationship addiction characterized by preoccupation and extremely emotional, social, and sometimes physical dependence on another person. Codependency is on a spectrum. A relationship can become toxic when there is a high level of codependent behaviors.


Learn how to love yourself while still being a good partner. This course will help you manage your codependent behaviors, teach you ways to regulate your behaviors, how to set up healthy boundaries and improve your self-esteem. 

This is a 4 weeks course that allows you to go at your own pace. It is designed as a workshop which means, hangouts, exercises, and homework assignments. You are encouraged to take your time to gain the benefits of this course.

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Submit your ideas for a new course. We value our clients' feedback and want to be intentional about their needs.

What Our Clients Say

This workshop is exactly the mind-shift boost you need. I know I needed it. Usually, group sessions are anxiety-producing, but this session was the opposite. I felt my anxiety fall every time I logged in. Kezzia is a stabilizing force. She is the best listener, and her knowledge, skills, and content created the ideal solution for the deep emotional problems in my relationships. I gave a lot to people but was afraid to ask for what I wanted or afraid to do what I want when the other person didn't like it. Now, I have a relationship diet - I know what I can give, how much, and when. This series taught me that, and I know I'm being healthy because I feel good. 

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