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How To Boost Your Self Confidence

A How To Guide To Help Increase Your Self-Esteem, Loving Yourself And Celebrating You

We are all told to be confident but sometimes it’s easier said than done. Self-doubt and fear are two of the main contributors to a lack of self-confidence. Fears of what people will think of your financial situation,​ body image​, career success, and even your relationships can all play a role in your lack of self-confidence.

Once you’ve fallen into the pit of self-doubt it can be hard to pull yourself out. If you are experiencing a lack of self-confidence don’t worry, you aren’t alone. The key to being confident is living within you. It’s time to remember who you are and walk with your head held high.


When is the last time you said something good about yourself? When is the last time you looked in the mirror and said, “Wow sis, you are looking fine today.” If it’s been a while, it’s time to change that up. When you speak negative words over yourself, you will start to believe them.

The same principle applies when speaking positive words over yourself. This is called the self-affirmation. Make a change and spend the first 5 minutes of your day looking in the mirror and saying only good things about yourself, your finances, your career, and your relationships. You will soon start to believe the words you are saying.


When life feels like we are at rock bottom, there is always something positive happening. Take time to be thankful for the positive aspects in your life no matter how small they are. Start to think of failures as winning learning scenarios that you can grow from.

If you mess up, learn to laugh at yourself instead of beating yourself up over something. Try taking sometime to write down all of your accomplishments in the last 10 years. Take a look at the list and ask yourself, “What else do I want to do?”. These are your goals. Write them down and make a plan to achieve them.


You are amazing no matter what you see on social media. Many of us get caught up in the rabbit hole effect of social media sites like Instagram and compare ourselves to others every day. News flash! Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, and any other social media sites you are on are filter filled highlight reels. Nobody’s life is as perfect as their social media page.

Stop spending your day scrolling and comparing yourself to others and start celebrating yourself. Treat yourself to a photoshoot to hype up your beauty or take a much needed spa day to relax your mind. Do something to reward yourself for being amazing. You are so worthy and you deserve to be treated like a queen. Make a bubble bath, light some candles, pour a glass of wine, and treat yourself queen! You deserve to be celebrated.


Confidence is a mind-set and it can be persuaded by the people you spend the most time with. Surrounding yourself with those who are filled with confidence, can help you build your confidence. Cut off those who always speak negatively about themselves or lack of motivation because they will only pull you down.

Confidence lives within you and it is time to let that confidence shine. ​Need help letting it shine? KQH Mental Health Counseling​ is here to help. Contact us today to get started on your road to a more confident you. You can also sign up for our newsletter and journal prompts.

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