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Strengthen Your Relationship and Achieving Relationship Goals

Ideal Ways To Maintain A Healthy Relationship

A relationship can bring that warm feeling of butterflies and that painful test of patience. Are you in a​ happy and healthy relationship​? Can your relationship be stronger? We love our partners, but no relationship is perfect. Even celebrity couples or your favorite social media couples have issues. So how do you assess your relationship and strengthen it for the better?


We are very quick to speak, but are you very quick to listen? Listening skills take time to develop, even with the people you love the most. Part of having a strong relationship means taking the time to listen to your significant other in happy times and stressful times. Listening leads to better communication. In addition to listening, it’s important to develop a strong trust in your partner that will allow you to open up to them.


Time is precious. We are driven and motivated, our calendars are packed full. At times, we often tend to focus so much on our careers and get lost in social media that we either forget or don't have enough time and energy to focus on our partner. Don’t let your career and other aspects of your life damage your relationship. Make spending more time with your significant other a priority.

Set a realistic time each week to do a date night, even if it’s at home. Learn a new skill together, cook something, workout or watch a new show. Spending more time together will allow your bond to strengthen.


Looking to buy a new house or just trying to thicken up that saving account? It’s time to talk about it with your partner and start making a ​financial plan​ together. Talk about what your financial goals are.

Sit down with your partner and create financial tasks that you can complete together. Create a budget list to see where money is being spent the most and make cut backs if necessary. Saving money, investing, and even creating other streams of income are all steps both you and your partner can take together to meet your financial goals.


What do you want out of your relationship? What does your partner want out of this relationship? It’s time to stop playing the guessing game and lay everything out on the table. Create a safe space and have a thought provoking conversation about what each of you want out of the relationship and lay out each others expectations.

Think of questions that are clear and direct. What are your current interests? What more do you want out of the relationship? How can your needs be met? Write these things down and create a plan to work towards those expectations.


Explore something that your partner is interested in. Whether you like it or not, showing interest in something your partner cares about will show that you care about what he/she likes. If your partner is really into pottery and art, try taking a class with them. If your partner loves sports, try sitting and watching a sports game with them. You may not know what's going on but that's okay. Ask questions rather than sitting there and not showing interest at all.

Healthy relationships must have healthy compromises. Showing appreciation for one another, giving support and spending quality time with each other can help build a stronger bond.

Respecting your partner and what he/she brings to the relationship is also a must. Giving each other daily compliments can also go a long way. Set goals that can be realistically obtained and don't compare your relationship to others or what you see on social media.

At ​KQH Mental Health Counseling​, we are all about a healthy relationship. Need a little more advice? Contact us today.

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