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How to Combat Isolation When You are Feeling Alone

Tips to help staying connected with friends and family

Being alone can get really lonely if you feel isolated. It’s something many of us have had to deal with in the age of COVID-19 shutdowns and restrictions...especially if you live alone which can sometimes lead to depression. There are several ways to combat isolation and thanks to technology there are plenty of ways to get connected with others even when you have to physically distance yourself.

Join a Club

Get involved with a local organization that matches something you are interested in. Sites like Meet up and Next Door are great options for exploring different groups and clubs in your community.

Another option is to find the contact info to your local Urban League or another Black Centered Career Organization and see what’s on their calendar for professional networking meetups or volunteering activities. Joining these groups will allow you to meet others in person or virtually, and reduce the time that you are spending alone.

Pick Up the Phone or Tap into Zoom

When was the last time you spoke to your favorite aunt, sister, cousin, or high school friend? A great way to combat isolation is by picking up the phone and giving someone you love a call. Reconnect with an old friend or just call some family to give them an update on what you’ve been working on.

With apps like Zoom and Facetime, you can video call to get some face to face interaction. In fact, you aren’t alone, according to the Harvard Review, the use of video calling apps has surged by as much as 80%. Pick up the phone. Give them a ring!

Go Outside

Fresh air and some sun can do wonders if you are feeling isolated. When you are working from home and doing chores inside all day, it can be easy to feel a little trapped. Put on some comfy shoes and get outside for an hour each day.

Exposure to sunlight is known to increase the body’s production of serotonin, leading to a better mood. Take a walk to a park, grab a blanket and a book, have some tea time, meet up with someone for a workout, do something that will get you out of the house.

Pick up a Hobby

Learning a new skill or hobby can be a great way to keep your mind off of being isolated. Try downloading Duolingo to learn a new language for free. Youtube is an unlimited resource for free tutorials on just about anything. Hop on a free workout, baking challenge, or learn how to play an instrument. Need a little help finding a new hobby? This list might give you a little inspiration.

Isolation doesn’t have to be lonely. We are in a time where shutdowns and restrictions have truly changed the game, but there are so many ways you can stay productive and combat the negative effects of isolation.

Try joining a club, calling an old friend, getting outside, or picking up a hobby to start combating that feeling of loneliness. For tips on how to avoid isolation, contact KQH Mental Health Counseling today!

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